If you experience frequent leg cramps and spasms, you know how debilitating they can be. Thankfully, with stretching and massage, most subside within a couple of minutes—but the best defense is a good offense. Here’s how to prevent muscle cramps and spasms before they strike.

  1. Stretch daily: Especially before sleep, when nocturnal muscle cramps can creep up. (Try these stretching exercises to get started.)
  2. Eat to beat them: According to WebMD, one way to stop muscle cramps is to eat enough of these key nutrients. (Get started with these hearty recipes and portable snacks.)
  3. Hydrate: When you’re dehydrated, your body not only loses water, but also essential electrolytes, which can cause muscle cramping.
  4. Stay active: Regular exercise keeps your muscles strong and flexible (and provides so many other health benefits as we age).
  5. Apply Theraworx Relief: Our fast-acting foam for muscle cramps and spasms is recommended by healthcare professionals to prevent leg and foot aches when used twice daily.

Now that you know how to stop leg cramps before they happen, don’t suffer another disrupted day or restless night. Follow these prevention methods—order Theraworx Relief for Muscle Cramps and Spasms today.