Every year, we jump from large holiday meals and festivities straight into declarations of good-intention fitness resolutions. If your experience from holidays past leaves you wanting more out of your New Year’s resolutions, setting SMART fitness goals may be for you.

How Does SMART Work?

Specific: State your fitness goal. Want to burn more calories? Strengthen your core? Eat less processed foods? Keep your goal simple and concise.

Measurable: Track your progress. To stay focused and motivated, make sure your fitness results are meaningful. So, count your daily steps, take weekly measurements or install a nutrition app to ensure you’re ingesting more whole foods—as long as it’s right for you.

Achievable: Keep it real. Before you get started, ask yourself, “Is my fitness goal attainable?” Try not to stretch yourself and your resources too thin.

Relevant: Check to see if your fitness goal aligns with your greater objectives. Whether it’s weight loss, improved well-being or increasing your everyday energy, individual goals can help you achieve your greater aspirations.

Time-bound: Set a deadline and make it happen. Consider breaking your timeframe down into increments—Where do I want to be in six weeks? In six months?

6 Useful Hints to Help You Stay on Track
Use these tips and tricks to reach your SMART fitness goals:

  1. Check out cool fitness apps. Track your steps, calories and more. Some apps can even tell you when it’s time to stand or simply take deep breaths for your own well-being.
  2. Find an accountability partner to share your highs and lows. Having someone who understands and can support you is paramount to success.
  3. Share your milestones on social media. Not ready to tell everyone? Keep close friends and family in the loop so they can motivate and support you.
  4. Set a reminder on your phone or smartwatch to go for a walk, eat a healthy snack, take a 5-minute well-being break, get ready for the gym (or for bed) and more.
  5. Mix it up! Learn a new sport. Join a gym with fun classes. Try yoga outside. Or hit the pool for aqua aerobics.
  6. Get in extra steps where you can. Park far away, use the stairs, clean the house or take brisk walks.

Stay motivated well past the New Year. Keep your fitness goals clear and attainable by using the SMART method.

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