Summer is made for vacations and escaping routine. Whether you’re packing your bags or prepping for a staycation, take advantage of the long days and enjoy the sunshine with some planning. Being mindful of the warmer weather will help you keep summer bummers—like muscle cramps—at bay and get the most out of the season.

1. Stay hydrated.
It goes without saying that water is essential. Even so, most of us could probably stand to drink a few more glasses daily, especially in warmer months when we’re exposed to the sun’s heat and sweating more. Plus, dehydration and heat are two potential culprits of muscle cramps, so staying hydrated and cool can help you prevent them. Keep a refillable water bottle with you, and take frequent long sips. If you’re working out, be sure to drink more than usual and replenish your electrolytes (see below).

2. Get enough electrolytes.
Everyone needs them, yet some studies show we might not be getting enough of them. Electrolytes are essential to proper body function, and a lack of them has been attributed to leg cramps, in addition to more serious conditions. In the summer, when temps rise and we’re typically more active, you’re more likely to lose electrolytes through sweating. Foods rich in calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese and iron can help keep your electrolyte levels in check. Even sodium—yep, simple table salt—is an essential part of a healthy functioning electrolyte balance. Supplements can also help make sure you’re getting enough.

3. Clean up hard-working hands.
If you’re spending time outdoors either gardening or camping, you’ll be getting your hands dirty. Be sure to wash your hands regularly with good old soap and water. If you’re really roughing it and don’t have access to running water, plan ahead and bring water specifically for washing up. And wipes always come in handy.

4. Relax tired muscles.
Traveling even just short distances in a car—let alone long plane rides in overstuffed spaces—can tighten up your muscles. If your legs feel jumpy or cramped up after traveling, do some simple stretching techniques to relax the muscles in your calves and feet. Try standing a few feet away from a wall and leaning forward, placing your hands on the wall while your feet stay planted in place. Or try some simple yoga poses, which works the muscles by contracting as well as stretching through a series of exercises.

5. Prep your bag.
If you’re on the move a lot in summer, keep the essentials handy. Pack Theraworx Relief in your to-go bag, so it’s with you when you need it, should muscle cramps occur. Theraworx Relief is easy to use, and it works quickly to relieve leg and foot cramps. It can even prevent them when used daily. For uninterrupted summer fun, it’s right up there with sunscreen and bug repellent. Find out how to use it here.